Vision Therapy Success Cultivating Inspiration and Awareness… Visions of Hope

As August begins the National Children’s Vision and Learning Month, the COVD Visions of Hope Campaign for patient video submissions is cultivating inspiration and fostering greater public awareness.  The impact of binocular (eye teaming), accommodative (eye focusing) and oculomotor (eye tracking) problems can disable a child and prevent them from reaching their potential. Through the Visions of Hope entries, all patients can tell their story of success through vision therapy…including the adult patients.

In this Visions of Hope video you will enjoy just that. Thirty eight year old adult patient, Toni, tells her Story of Success through vision therapy  in a way that is more like an MTV video. Through Toni’s artistic flare we can appreciate how challenging her world was before she found optometric vision therapy. We can feel how painfully difficult it must have been but happy for her new-found success.

As you watch this video, think of the children who struggle with these vision problems and realize that there is help. No child should have to struggle with an undetected and unaddressed binocular vision problem.  In Toni’s video you will witness the debilitating effects of her chronic double vision but in a way that is truly going to touch your heart and quite possibly make you laugh. And here’s Toni!

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

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