6 thoughts on “P.A.V.E. Video on Vision Therapy

  1. PAVE has been a group I’ve supported from the beginning. Marjie Thompson was the force behind it until she died. PAVE has advocated for patients and have provided information to the public. As a parent support group they are unequaled.

  2. Len, this video says it so well. Thank you so much for posting. This video was in loving memory of Marjie Thompson, COVT, the Champion of P.A.V.E. What a wonderful tribute and yes, hopefully an inspiration to the next generation of parent advocates.

  3. One of the causes of these vision problems is heavy metal poisoning, mercury in particular. Unfortunately finding knowledgeable and safe treatment for that is even more difficult than for vision therapy. http://noamalgam.com/ and http://home.earthlink.net/~moriam/ are the best places to start. Dr. Cutler recommends in his book that a behavioral optometrist be sought out by mercury toxic people who suspect vision problems.

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