Dr. Dan Fortenbacher: Leaping Tall Buildings With Singular Bound

The video clip should give you an idea of why Carolin Fortenbacher is a popular and versatile performer in her native Germany.  Born in Hamburg in 1963, the same city that helped propel the Beatles to international fame, Ms. Fortenbacher has had a prolific career in a wide range of stage and musical activities.  After succeeding as a classy actress she launched her musical career with her debut album in 2005, which translates in English as Back to Me.


An equally classy, versatile and professional Fortenbacher,  Dr. Dan, resides and practices developmental optometry in the United States, and we are fortunate to have him as a colleague in our visionhelp group.  Though Dr. Fortenbacher does not as yet have a debut album, he personifies Back to Me in the eyes of his alma mater, Ferris State’s Michigan College of Optometry.  A graduate of the inaugural class of the college in 1979, Dr. Fortenbacher was lauded today by his alma mater for giving back, in this official release.  In making a financial gift to The Ferris State University Michigan College of Optometry/Center for Collaborative Health Education, Dr. Fortenbacher noted:   “I owe my education to the Michigan College of Optometry.  If I can help provide more options for students to expand their horizons in vision therapy to in turn provide more access for patients, then I am willing to give back.” Those of us in visionhelp, along with many other projects that Dr. Fortenbacher has helped seed such as Sovoto, stand as a testament to his abilities to expand horizons, in St. Joseph, Michigan and well beyond.


– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO















2 thoughts on “Dr. Dan Fortenbacher: Leaping Tall Buildings With Singular Bound

  1. Len,
    Thank you for this very kind and wonderfully eclectic recognition. Your attention to depth and detail that includes artistic flare and style continues in each of your VisionHelp Blog posts. I am very grateful for all that you do to help promote better vision for mankind.

    With sincere gratitude,

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