“Like PAVE on Steroids”

I ended the previous blog piece with a cryptic note that Marjie Thompson is smiling from heaven today, and I should explain.  Marjie was a visionary who started the group known as PAVEParents Active for Vision Education.  She left us too soon, in the year 2005 at the age of 66, and her obituary in the San Diego Tribune gives you some insight into who she was, and what she envisioned.

Marjie and I used to butt heads a bit, both of us coming from sincere passion about spreading credible information regarding VT, but having differing opinions on the best way to go about it.  Ultimately we agreed to disagree, and I respected her dedication and determination.  I was a paying supporter of PAVE and had all their educational materials which were superbly done.  To be sure, PAVE was having an impact, and the emergence of the Internet was poised to broaden its message.  There were good intentions of keeping PAVE’s mission alive, but it was challenging.  The old models relied on trying to establish local chapters, and it was a struggle to get people to commit the times involved in communication.

With the explosion of social media such employed by optometric practices, organizations such as COVD and OEP, and key individuals such as Dr. Maino Dr. Bonilla-Warford, Toni Bristol, Ruth Villeneuve and many others, and the blogging by Stereo Sue, Strabby, Flatland, Squinty Josh and those who will follow in their path, we are now on the verge of the type of breakthrough that Marjie and I agreed would be ideal.  As the expression goes, this information explosion is like PAVE “on steroids”.

10 thoughts on ““Like PAVE on Steroids”

  1. Len,

    I wasn’t in practice during the peak PAVE years, but I am aware how important it was in its time. As you know, I am extremely enamored with the possibilities the current era. Ruth and I currently co-authoring an article for OVJ about the recent development parents and patients self-organizing online to promote vision therapy. It is an exciting time and I’m glad to be play a part in it!

    • And we’re very fortunate to have you and Ruth guiding the way, Nate. The two of you along with Sue Barry, Dom Maino, Dan Fortenbacher, Shelly Mozlin and Lynn Hellerstein , have been my primary infliuences to date. But the parent and patient self-organizing route is the most exciting of all, and the direct extension of what PAVE set out to accomplish. The emergence and conectivity of “Stereo Sue’s Children” will take us collectively a new level of interaction, and spread information exponentially.

  2. You know I have never been on PAVE’s website until now and I have to shout out. With out Marjie Thompson being in my neighbor growing up I probably would have never ever graduated even grade school. Her vision for me was to change my life forever and that she did. I was a very early student of PAVE and even did lessons at Marjie’s house. Her son till this day is like a brother to me. I think i started lessons with her in 89 or 90 but not sure. I still till this day find my self doing some of the lesson I was taught subconsciously i am now in my 30’s so that is over 20+ years ago. Marjie will forever live on with me not only as a savior for me but also as what believe as a family member. I love that woman and I was there with her daily near the end with her son Scott just chatting with her keeping her mood up. Man I have some great memories of her,

    Love you Marjie,\
    Billy Miles

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